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Green Lion Plumbing is seeking Edmond plumbing apprentices who are passionate about growing their plumbing career in Oklahoma City. The team member that we will hire will be trained on the job, will receive top, and will be required to meet our standards of excellence. We are looking for someone who is passionate about solving plumbing problems, diligently executing tasks, and over delivering for our customers.

What is Green Lion Plumbing?

Green Lion Plumbing is gearing to be the #1 Edmond plumbing company. We called the company “Green Lion” because we are one of the only environmentally conscious plumbing companies in Oklahoma. We do business differently by using materials and practices that are friendly towards our environment. Apply today to join the very best Edmond plumbing company!

Location: Edmond
Compensation: Yes
How to apply: Email
Salary: $30,000.00 to $40,000.00 per year


      • Reliable Transportation
      • Drug-Free
      • Motivated to Grow
      • Goal-Orientated
      • Detailed
      • Some-experience is preferred
      • A coachable attitude
      • Entrepreneurial mindset
      • A self-starter
      • Have great attitude and a desire to learn
      • Must be able to verbally communicate well
      • Must appreciate humor and Chuck Norris jokes

What You Will Do:

      • You will arrive to work on time.
      • You will wear the uniform provided
      • You will treat our customers and our employees with respect in action and communication
      • You will become one of the most talented plumbers in Oklahoma City
      • You will focus on over-delivering and wowing every human that you come into contact with you.
      • You will not have to fix issues in snake or gator infested waters
      • You will not be required to defend yourself against the Ninja Turtles in the sewers (we’ve signed a peace treaty with them)
      • You will be required to sign an agreement stating you’ll never work with our biggest competitor, the Super Mario Brothers.

Please do not apply if this is you-


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