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At Green Lion Plumbing, we are able to fix all your residential Edmond plumbing needs. If your natural gas/tankless/electric water heater quits working we can troubleshoot, repair, and replace the water heater if necessary. If your drains back up or need to be replaced, or you want to remodel your home using a network of other trades, then we are the company for you. We offer free estimates on any work that you want an estimate on and can offer different solutions to the issue based upon your greatest area of need. We can find and fix gas leaks, water leaks, replace faucets and replace sewer lines. We can get your waters flowing and systems draining in lightning speed. We can help you find water leaks as well as slab leaks and will work together to find a solution to how to get it fixed with as little disruption as we can. We are committed to work with your schedule and all fixed up as soon as we can. We understand that your time is valuable, and we make sure not to keep you waiting hours on end until a plumber show up.

In case of emergencies, we always have a plumber on-call and he can walk you through how to turn your water off while we get to you and get it fixed!  

We try our best to get you in our schedule within 24 hours of your first call for all non-emergencies. If you do happen to have an Edmond plumbing emergency, we can get you scheduled immediately for emergencies. Please note, that with some remodels, permits are required before we can actually begin the work and in these situations, we might not be able to be complete your project within the 24-hour time that we reach for. However, even in these circumstances, we will be sure to get your permit as quickly as we can and get you scheduled immediately.