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Water Heaters

Here at Green Lion Plumbing we specialize at replacing and maintaining many types of water heaters for your Edmond plumbing needs. The two main types used today are gas (natural and propane) and electric. These water heaters come in all shapes and sizes from a small five gallon electric model to a whole house tankless unit powered by natural gas.

When deciding on what type of unit you might need (gas or electric) as well as the size to be installed, there are two main points to consider:

  1. Electric water heaters are easier to install and less expensive in parts and labor but require an appropriate power source. The con of electric water heaters is that when the power goes out, so does the hot water.
  2. Gas operated hot water heaters will not lose their ability to provide hot water during a power outage. However, the con of gas operated water heaters is that they are slightly more expensive on parts and labor.

Edmond Plumbing Water Heater Tips And Tricks

Are you losing hot water too fast and need to test your hot water heaters output?

A simple trick is to take a five gallon bucket and see how many times you can fill it up before it become cold.

Be aware though that as the hot water leaves the hot water heater tank cold water is taking its place. This means that if you have a forty gallon water heater, a working unit might only give thirty to thirty five gallons before it is to cold to shower with.

Electric Water Heater Not Working?

If you have an electric water heater and you are not getting any hot water, the first thing to check is your breaker in your main fuse box. Check to make sure that it is in the fully engaged position and not either fully or partially tripped.

If the breaker is not at fault it is most likely the thermostat or the powered heating element in the tank. Both devices should only be checked and serviced by a licensed trained professional at Green Lion Plumbing (405) 240-8689.

Natural Gas Water Heater Not Working?

With natural gas hot water heaters you have a couple of items to consider that are able to be fixed really quickly with Edmond plumbing.

The first thing is to check that the gas in your home is active and working. Sometimes there can be interruptions in gas service if a main line is being worked on or if a gas company technician smells strong odors of the gas around the home or meter when it is being read. If the smell or odor is strong he or she will turn off service and leave a notification stating the issue.

If your natural gas is working properly, the second option is to check pilot to see if it needs to be re-lit. This could have happened for several reasons varying from a strong draft, to the possibility that the gas control unit on the front of your water heater is faulty or your thermocouple device is no longer operable.

You can start to fix the problem by following the listed manufacturer instructions on the tank to relight your pilot flame.

If that is unsuccessful please do not attempt to separate the gas line or the control from the water heater, this is very hazardous and should only be done by a trained and licensed professional. If you need help with this, then it is time to make the call to Green Lion Plumbing at (405) 240-8689.

Edmond Plumbing | Water Lines And Water Leaks

The water lines in your home and business comes in many different sizes and types of materials. All with their own types of code requirement and specifications.

The most popular things that can cause water line issues include:

-Aged and brittle                 -Erosion

-Ground Movement         -Improper Installation

-Faulty Material Metals       -Chemical reaction with opposing metals

-Uninsulated                        -Freezing or Expansion

At Green Lion Plumbing we provide full repair and replacement for any of your water line installation or water line repair needs, for any situation.

Edmond Plumbing | Drain Line Repair And Replacement

A homes drains are an necessity for sanitary and livable conditions. At Green Lion Plumbing we employ a host of tools and machines to inspect, unstop, repair or replace your drains and sewer. We will be able to get your drain line fixed, and if necessary replaced, so that your drain lines can run smoothly again.

Faucets And Fixtures

Do you have a running toilet or drippy faucet? Maybe that old sink in the kitchen has seen better days?

Let us come give you a free estimate to repair or replace any of your leaking, broken, or just plain worn out kitchen faucet, shower faucet, tub faucet, bathtub, toilet, kitchen sink, lavatory sink in your bathroom, kitchen ice maker, wash machine valves or other parts of your house. We will be able to give you a replacement faucet and provide a fixture to meet your specifications.

Garbage Disposals and Dishwashers

Garbage disposals are helpful appliances that assist by tearing up the small food particles left over in the dishwater and help to keep the sink drain working properly.

Note: Never work on any appliance without disconnecting the power source and Never Stick Your Hands into the disposal!

Over time the grinding plate in the disposal can become jammed. If this happens you will hear a loud humming noise but will not see any water movement.

This can be remedied by using and allen wrench in the under side of the disposal in the middle indention where you wrench will fit. Rotate the tool both clockwise and counterclockwise to break loose and the get the grinding plate free from build up.

Another common problem is when you activate your disposal and nothing happens or it quits in mid operation. When this happens try depressing the red reset button on the bottom of the disposal to put it back into operation.

Residential Gas Service And Distribution.

Would you like to get that fire place working to keep you warm on those cold days? Maybe it is time to transfer from electric home appliances to gas.

The OKC plumbing guys at Green Lion Plumbing take care of your take care of that for you. Our licensed technicians will help you look at the options and deliver you an upfront cost before starting the task.